Its been quite long since I did not follow any certification update again. Someone told me that now JNCIE-M/T series is converted to JNCIE-SP. Hmm, same name with CCIE-SP? Quite interesting.

Then JNCIP-M now start to use Prometric (Not sure prometric or not) based format which is written test. This was also interesting since I passed my JNCIP-M in the bleeding twice lab couple years ago. Many people who passed the JNCIP-M lab told me that JNCIP-M exam was simple and only contains IGP/BGP for most difficult part. However.. I still remember that I was stuck on some simple topic. All ended with beautiful memory, finally.

I just checked from Juniper website that JNCIP-SP covers theory of JNCIE-SP lab, so basically its same with JNCIS-M but maybe having different difficulties level. IP Multicast, L3VPN, L2VPN is there. Quite interesting. JNCIS-SP itself now covering new topic such as IRB interface, Ethernet/VLAN and xSTP. So they did include new topic in all certification.

JNCIE-SP need you to configure 8 routers of MX series. This MX device could bring us many difficulties on lab exam since its support almost Junos feature both L2 and L3. Indeed L2 somehow is more complicated than Layer 3. For example integration of bridge-domain, Virtual-switch, L2 control protocol, and later will be PBB or VPLS. For PBB, its support single, dual tag VLAN. I’m not sure if they already propose this kind of advanced technology in the exam. Compare to my JNCIE-M exam couple years ago, the topic seems much more difficult. I cannot wait to see feedback from candidates who attend this lab exam.

From the information I also notice that there are many new training on Juniper. Now we can see new topic such as Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing (AJSPR), the content is similar with old format of AJNR without MPLS and Multicast. I notice about new training module, Junos Multicast Routing (JMR), this module should be interesting. The training itself will take 2 days, from the topic I think this is a good training, covers ASM, SSM, MLD, MDSP etc. Where is P2MP provider tunnel solution? I did not see it on the web. Anyways, it covers standard of Multicast protocol.

Anyways, good luck for young generation taking this new exam format.


4 responses to “JNCIE-SP, JNCIP-SP? Comment?

  1. Hi I would like to do JNCIE SP can I directly write JNCIE without JNCIA JNCIP etc. I am CCIE Written and appearing for Lab by next couple of months. Wanted to do SP in Juniper instead of Cisco. Please help me with the info

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